Products that monitor, analyze, store and recover materials that are harmful to our environment are becoming more sophisticated everyday. In addition, manufacturers worldwide are increasingly challenged with producing products in an environmentally sound environment. Gardner Denver can provide solutions for any challenge requiring pressure, vacuum or flow within the environmental arena.

As the cleanest form of energy around it makes sense that compressed air is a major consideration in environmental products and projects. Oil free and oil lubricated compressors are used in a variety of applications from air conditioning systems, to the development of re-usable energy forms and power generation plants. Compressed air is versatile reliable and safe, it can be used directly in the process such as sewage treatment plants or air separation, or it can be used as a motive force in an environmentally friendly process.

  • Sewage plant – Compressed air is used to control sewage flow, and air oxidation of sewage tanks
  • Water purification and oxidization – Compressed air is released into water to stop stagnation
  • Landfill sites – Compressed air is released into the ground to push out toxic gases
  • Air separation – Compressed air is filtered via a membrane to generate clean gases
  • Digester gas compressoion
  • Filtering
  • Fish pond aeration
  • Landfill site
  • Laminating solar modules
  • Soil gas extraction
  • Wastewater purification


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