Gardner Denver stands on two feet when it comes to marine and offshore applications. Obviously many of those use our gas and air related products such as vacuum pumps and compressors as well as compressed air.

  • Breathing air – Air filtration is used to provide breathing quality air
  • Nitrogen generation – Compressed air is filtered to product nitrogen
  • Air tools – Used in marine building and assembly
  • Air grinders – Used in the heavy steel assembly operation
  • Paint spraying equipment – Air is used to vaporize paint so it can be sprayed
  • Ballast water purification – Air is used to oxidize ballast water before it is released to the ocean
  • Ship refurbishment – Portable compressed air is used for ship refurbishment, to operate soda / ice blasting equipment to remove rust from the ships exterior
  • Offshore drilling exploration – Portable compressed air is used for offshore drilling exploration processes
  • Working air – Compressed air is used for general purposes in ships
  • Instrument air – Compressed air is used for instrumentation demands in ships


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