Pulp & Paper

Due to the special properties of paper, vacuum and compressed air are essential features in paper manufacturing and processing. In every stage of the production process of paper and the subsequent printing Gardner Denver products excel and provide energy-efficient and reliable vacuum and pressure.

As paper mills have many moving and printing processes, they are renowned for using large volumes of compressed air. Compair’s Quantima compressors have been used in paper mills to efficiently supply the volumes required. Smaller oil lubricated and oil free compressors are also used for applications such as material handling or printing where air operated pumps are used.

  • Air bearings for product handling – air bearings or air castors enable heavy products to be easily handled by literally floating heavy loads on a virtually frictionless film of air
  • Vacuum generation – using compressed air and a venturi systems vacuum is generated very efficiently. Vacuum is used for many processes such as product handling.
  • Paper pressing – compressed air is used via cylinders for a variety of pressing applications
  • Printing – compressed air used for operation of printing pumps and equipment. As air is non explosive, it is safe and reliable
  • Roller adjustment – compressed air is used to precisely control the roller thickness which determines the paper thickness, essential for an efficient process


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