Applications within the transportation industry include dry bulk and liquid transfer; tyre inflation, braking systems, cushioned suspensions and air tools in the utility sector as well as providing access to overhead works and utilities for installation, maintenance and repairs. We also provide energy efficient compressed air solutions.

Air compressors are used in a whole variety of transit applications that include main line trains, light rail trains, underground trains, trams, metros, hybrid buses, electric buses, etc. With the focus on reducing energy consumption and the move towards more sustainable energy forms, the use of electrically driven compressors with an on-demand control system is increasing. The vane compressor is ideal for both new build and retrofit transit applications as it is an integrated unit offering ‘plug and play’ capability. Compressed air is used for braking systems, suspension systems, door operation, floor leveling systems, pantographs, wipers and claxons. Following the example of transit applications, transport is also moving towards electrically powered vans and trucks which require electric compressors supplying air for the braking and suspension systems.


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